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 Earth Book (6-9)
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Earth Book (6-9)

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Earth Book (PDF)
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© AIMS Education Foundation. A single copy of this curriculum may be used by one teacher in his or her own classroom. Please purchase one copy for each teacher. More info.


Grades 6-9
48 activities—446 pages

Our Earth is a very complex, dynamic planet. Earth Book will unlock some of its mysteries as students learn about three of the Earth’s spheres and interactions in a systematic approach to Earth Science. The book is divided into four sections: hydrosphere, geosphere, atmosphere, and their interactions of those spheres.

The Hydrosphere section contains activities dealing with percentages of different types of water on Earth and ocean currents.

The Geosphere section—the largest in the book—lets  students build models of the layers of the Earth, discover plate boundaries, compare and contrast different types of faults, map portions of the ocean floor, look at geologic timelines and fossil record, study different types of rocks and minerals, and analyze soil samples.

The Atmosphere section has students build models of the layers of the atmosphere, explore the properties of the air, classify clouds, and identify different weather fronts and their associated weather.

The final section of the book deals with interactions of these spheres. It looks at the effects of uneven heating of the land and water with resulting impacts on weather and climate, the ocean as a great moderator of temperatures, and the processes of weathering and erosion

Students thrive as they conduct the many explorations and gain wonderful insight into the complexities of our planet. This book is an incredible resource for Earth Science teachers!


The free sample below contains the table of contents, and a free activity from this book.
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