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 Digital Middle School Number and Algebraic Expressions (Bundle)
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Digital Middle School Number and Algebraic Expressions (Bundle)

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Digital Versions
Item #: 1327B

Minimum Requirements: Adobe Reader 9.x or later View Details

© AIMS Education Foundation. A single copy of this curriculum may be used by one teacher in his or her own classroom. Please purchase one copy for each teacher. More info.


This bundle contains 6 digital math activity books in PDF format:

  • Statistics and Probability Grades 6-9
  • Essential Math: Writing & Simplifying Expressions Grade 6
  • Looking at Lines Grades 6-9
  • Positive vs Negative: Investigations with Integers Grades 6-9
  • Proportional Reasoning Grades 6-9
  • Solving Equations by Working Backwards Grades 7
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