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Fascinating Critter Activities

Explore the Fascinating World of Critters

This collection of activity books brings a wealth of hands-on activities for grades K-5 students to learn about living things around them.

Students love to study living creatures of all kinds. They are fascinated by what animals eat, how they live, and the ways they sense their surroundings. The study of animals and insects is highly interesting and motivating to elementary students. These hands-on activity books are organized to investigate the following animal concepts:

  • Animal Needs
  • Observing Animal Characteristics and Behaviors
  • Animal Parts and Animal Movement
  • Animal Adaptations (living creature adaptations)
  • Critter Life Cycles
  • Interdependence of Life
  • Animal Classification
  • Living Creature Traits and Behaviors

As they explorer these topics, students will experience what happens when space, food, and water run low in an environment; observe live ladybugs, crickets, spiders, ants, worms, and goldfish; create invented animals that move, see, smell, hear, and eat in specific ways; explore form and function by looking at the teeth of mammals and the faces of bats; and model the life cycles of chickens, frogs, and ladybugs.

Students will also determine rules by which animals are classified; compare and contrast butterflies and moths; observe live earthworms, silkworms, mealworms, goldfish, tadpoles, crickets, and pill bugs; model the ways that archerfish and chimpazees get food; and raise critters that go through both complete and incomplete metamorphosis.

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