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Copyright and Duplication Rights

All AIMS Education Foundation materials are copyrighted by the AIMS Education Foundation (AIMS). All rights reserved. It is a violation of federal law to post, reproduce or transmit any part, in digital form or otherwise, any AIMS Education Foundation materials – except as permitted by this policy or by Special Permission (see below). This policy is subject to change without notice. This policy supersedes all others effective 8/25/2017.

  • A person purchasing AIMS materials is hereby granted permission to make unlimited copies of any portion of them (or the files on the accompanying disc), provided these copies will be used only in his or her own classroom. Sharing the materials or making copies for additional classrooms or schools or for other individuals is a violation of the AIMS copyright.
  • All copies must bear the AIMS Education Foundation copyright information.
  • Modifications to AIMS pages (e.g., separating page elements for use on an interactive white board) are permitted only for use within the classroom for which the pages were purchased. Interactive white board files may not be uploaded to any third-party website or otherwise distributed. AIMS artwork and content may not be used on non-AIMS materials.

These copyright policies apply to activities received at workshops, free sample activities provided by AIMS, and activities received by conference participants.

Special Permissions

To use AIMS materials in workshops, conferences, and other events, contact the Business Services Division at 888-733-2467 or email your written request to [email protected] for pricing and/or authorization.

To make AIMS materials available digitally on a school- or district-wide basis, the following stipulations apply:

  • The materials must have been purchased from AIMS; one for each teacher that will be using them.
  • The materials are to be on a secure server and password-protected system that is only accessed by the school’s/district’s employees for whom copies of the materials have been purchased.

AIMS materials may not be made available on any publicly accessible Internet site.

There is no additional cost but authorization is required. For complete instructions and written authorization to use the materials in this manner, contact the Business Services Division at 888-733-2467 or email your written request to [email protected].


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