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Common Core Math Bundle Testimonials

Get Common Core Activity Bundles


"The bundle makes it easy for teachers who are trying to teach to CCSS while district adopted curriculum isn't helpful."
– Amy Wong, Educator, CA


"Easy to implement, very engaging with the students."
– Jana Trim, Educator, FL


"The Common Core Math Bundle focuses on the Common Core standards, provides activities, resources and great videos which supports instruction."
– Danielle Evangelista, Educator, GA


 "If you want to deepen your students' understanding of some critical math concepts, I recommend you use the AIMS Bundles."
– Carol Keating, District Curriculum Specialist, MO


"This set of activities is the best correlation of Common Core Math materials that I have ever utilized. The activities are easy to follow and highly engaging for all levels of learning."
– Kathy Lindsey, Educator, SC


"The lessons are very engaging and meet the Common Core Standards and the Standards for Mathematical Practice."
– Dawn Alexander, Educator, OR


 "Excellent product, you need this resource."
– Brian Madej, Educator, GA


"It is easy to use and contains lots of engaging activities!"
– Gayle Reidenbach, Educator, OH


"It's a great way to hit common core while engaging the students."
– Laurel Byington, Educator, OH


"These activities are aligned to CCSS and also to our district curriculum. One of our goals is to deepen student understanding and these activities will help us to get our students to a deeper level of understanding."
– Carol Keating, Math Specialist, MO


 "Great hands on activities that thoroughly address the common core standards. The activities also address the common core standards of mathematical practice!"
– Eva Joiner, Educator, GA


"Great hands on activities, cross-curriculum lessons, a lot of student engagement, fun for students, motivating."
– Tammy Suess, Educator, CA


"These are excellently done, high-interest products that ground the students conceptually and provide strong engagement methods that produce thinking students."
– Sean Bech, Educator, SC


"It is very engaging and the students love it."
– Laura Emmons, Educator, KY


"There are so many great activities in one place to practice common core skills."
– Janet McGregor, Educator, FL


"Outstanding resource and aligns with our curriculum."
– Beth Weber, Educator, IL


 "Hands-on, tied to the Common Core, easy to get materials."
– Susan Joling, Educator, AK


"I like the rigor and engagement, as well as how it is directly linked to the CCSS and math practices."
– Jennifer Rose, Educator, CA


"The students love these activities! They really make the kids think!"
– Barbara Knorr, Educator, CA


"It engages the children, teaches the skills necessary."
– Michele Johnson, Educator, OH


"This is a quality product. It offers engaging activities to address grade-specific CC Mathematics standards. I have used AIMS products for many years. After purchasing the CC Math Bundle, I recommended it to my school's staff and principal. The principal is purchasing the Bundles for all teachers in all grades."
– Kathleen Murphy, Educator, CA


"Excellent product to support authentic math instruction."
– Linda Persky, Educator, FL


"AIMs has done the work of breaking down the standard and providing a related high-interest activity for the students. The activities are engaging and help students see the concepts in action."
– Mark Cole, Educator, CA


"I have purchased many AIMS books, but the students are very engaged with the bundles. They like the comics and the activities."
– Reba Wimberley, Educator, AR


"This bundle is priceless and is completely aligned with the common core standards. You'd be foolish not to offer it to your students!"
– Emily Pahlavan, Educator, IL


"It adds and fills in the gaps that our book leaves out."
– Barbara Fiaccone, Educator, OK


 "Some of the performance/discovery tasks are beneficial and very useable with common core concepts."
– Nancy Coleman, Educator, CA


"It is a fantastic resource for meeting the content and rigor standards in Common Core. They are also engaging and focus on the ability to problem solve and communicate with others."
– Rita Atkinson, Educator, AZ


"The bundles are clear to understand and meet the rigor of common core. They facilitate a deep understanding."
– Brandi Anseman, Educator, LA


"AIMS incorporates hands on real deep understanding on a subject. Writing is included with thought provoking questions!"
– Cynthia Romaniak, Educator, MA


"Thorough, standards-based, engaging for students."
– Michele Mink, Educator, AL


"It's an easy way to get started with Common Core without having to "reinvent the wheel". User friendly, activity oriented."
– Jim Olson, Educator, MN


"Exceptional resource that align with Common Core eight mathematical practices. The handson approach assist teachers to transition to Common Core Math."
– Athalean Gee, Educator, CA


"It's a complete lesson with hands on activities. It matches common core objectives."
– Bern Merlo, Educator, MI


 Get Common Core Activity Bundles

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