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After decades of selling our curricular materials, we have decided to close our online store as of December 15, 2019. All of your purchases will continue to be available for download up to January 31, 2020.


Our commitment to integrating math and science in engaging lessons has not wavered, but we will use this opportunity to review our materials and explore ways to create meaningful learning experiences for teachers and students.We truly appreciate the support from all of our customers over the years and count it a privilege to have contributed to your math and science education endeavors. Thank you for your ongoing support of our work and your dedication to engaging young people in mathematics and science education. We invite you to continue to stay in touch and follow our work at


If you have any questions or concerns regarding this announcement, please reach out to us at [email protected]


No Refunds or Exchanges Provided.

Limited Time Discounts

Discounts expires at end of day, November 1, 2018!

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A recent update "broke" something related to downloads. Work is in progress to correct the issue. Hope to have things restored soon.

Essential Math

Conceptual Learning Using a Multimedia Format

Real-world investigations join with comics, video, and animation to engage students and help them make sense of key mathematical concepts. Each unit is narrowly focused, with sequenced activities providing rich conceptual development. Includes practice, assessment, and reading in the content area.

"The use of graphic-novel-style readings called "comics," instructional video clips called "animations," and authentic measurement experiences make this is an extremely useful product for engaging middle school students…"
from a review of an Essential Math unit in NCTM's "Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School

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