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Science Activity Books 3-5

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 Budding Botanist, The  (3-6)
Grades 3-6 26 activities – 122 pages Plants are the basis for life on Earth. The Budding Botanist will help students develop an understanding of how plants are essential to the survival of humans and animals as well as gain an appreciation... more
 Chemistry Matters (5-7)
Grades 5-7 26 activities – 260 pages Matter and its properties come alive in this activity-packed book that will have students excited about learning. Students will use everyday items to see reactions that are counter to what they’ll... more
 Concerning Critters: Adaptations & Interdependence (3-5)
Grades 3-5 32 activities—296 pages The study of animals is highly interesting and motivating to elementary students. They love to learn about the unique ways critters eat, sleep, defend themselves, and more. This book offers hands-on activ... more
 Concerning Critters: Observations & Classifications (3-5)
Grades 3-5 41 activities—336 pages Have fun exploring classification, characteristics, observations, traits and behaviors, and life cycles! Compare and contrast butterflies and moths;  observe earthworms, goldfish, and pill bugs; mode... more
 Cycles of Knowing and Growing (1-3)
Grades 1-3 21 activities - 179 pages From caterpillars to butterflies, and day to night, our world is filled with cycles of change. Students observe and describe plant, animal, and Earth cycles to discover real-world patterns. more
 Digital Elementary Science Books (Bundle)
This is a bundle of 25 Digital K-5 Science Activity books in PDF format. The books included are: Concerning Critters: Adaptations & Interdependence Grades 3-5 Cycles of Knowing & Growing Grades 1-3 Earth Explorations Gra... more
 Earth Explorations (2-3)
Grades 2-3 43 activities —308 pages Awarded the Learning Magazine 2013 Teachers Choice SM Award.  Students will explore landforms, rocks, soil, and large changes to the Earth from volcanoes, earthquakes and landslides. They investig... more
 Earth Rocks! (4-5)
Grades 4 550 activities 336 pages Awarded the Learning Magazine 2013 Teachers Choice SM Award. Students explore soil, rocks/minerals, the water cycle and properties of water. In the section on Earth Changes, students will look at weathering... more
 Earth, Moon, and Sun (3-5)
Grades 3-5 30 activities—225 pages Elementary students are fascinated by space and love to learn about the relationships among the Earth, moon, and sun. They are also intrigued by how our days and seasons are affected by these relationship... more
 Electrical Connections (4-6)
Winner of the 2012 Teacher's Choice Award awarded by Learning Magazine Grades 4-6 24 activities 176 pages The mysteries of electricity will be revealed. This revised edition of Electrical Connections is divided into four sectionsStatic Ele... more
 Energy Explorations (3-5)
Grades 3-5 44 activities—289 pages with NGSS Alignment Energy Exploration is a series of investigations designed to help students in grades 3-5 learn about three kinds of energy—sound, light, and heat. Experiences in the sound energy... more
 Exploring Environments (K-6)
Grades K-6 8 sections, 178 pages The world has many diverse environments and each one supports different types of organisms that are adapted for survival. This book provides opportunities to take each of eight “environmental expeditions&rd... more
 Field Detectives (3-6)
Grades 3-6 26 activities—272 pages Field Detectives is designed to encourage students to look closely at the diverse habitats of living things in and around their school playground. The school campus is the most accessible, the most inexpe... more
 From Head to Toe (5-9)
Grades 5-9 27 activities – 288 pages This revised edition of From Head to Toe, which includes 25 new activities, will guide students in explorations of the systems and senses of the human body. Students will look at how the nervous, circul... more
 Hardhatting in A Geo-World (3-5)
Grades 3-5 29 activities—192 pages Hardhatting in a Geo-World offers activities focusing on mathematics and engineering. These highly engaging endeavors foster an appreciation for the amazing world surrounding us as well as develop math sk... more
 Jaw Breakers and Heart Thumpers (3-5)
Grades 3-5 20 activities 150 pages The activities in Jaw Breakers and Heart Thumpers tap students natural interest in learning about themselves. Explorations related to the human body include fingerprints, heartbeats, body ratios, teeth, how th... more
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