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Math Activity Books K-2

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 Awesome Addition and Super Subtraction (2-3)
Grades 2-3 31 activities—192 pages The early primary grades are the ideal time to develop a solid understanding of place value and number systems in early learners, and Awesome Addition and Super Subtraction will do just that. Students wil... more
 Counting On Coins (1-2)
Grades 1-2 28 activities – 141 pages Understanding and handling money properly is an essential life skill. Young learners are exposed to money usage daily and are excited to gain an understanding of how it works. Counting on Coins will pro... more
 Digital Elementary Math Books (Bundle)
This offer not applicable for retailers. We reserve the right to refuse retail orders. This bundle contains 17 Digital K-5 math activity books in PDF format. The following books are included: Actions with Fractions Grades 4-6 Awesome... more
 Fall Into Math and Science (Pre K - K)
Grades Pre K-K 15 activities 92 pages Fun fall experiences for young students include graphing, counting, measuring, and patterning. Many extras like bulletin board ideas, art, and language experiences are included. more
 Getting Into Geometry (K-1)
Grades K-1 48 activities—264 pages Triangles, rectangles, and squares jump off the pages as the activities in Getting Into Geometry have students using movement and their senses to learn the names and attributers of two-dimensional shapes.... more
 Glide Into Winter with Math and Science (K-1)
Grades K-1 16 activities - 84 pages Reflect the joy and wonder of the winter season and holidays with these exciting activities. Students can bake a life-size gingerbread cookie, grow a crystal garden, study goober peas, and experience the awe o... more
 It Must Be a Bird (Pre-K-2)
Digital download
Grades Pre-K-2 6 sections 210 pages It Must Be a Bird is a collection of integrated learning experiences for the young child. Students will learn the processes of science by studying feathers, beaks, feet, eggs and nests. They will also learn t... more
 It's About Time (K-2)
Grades K-2 22 activities – 176 pages Young children are eager to learn how to tell time and to understand the mysteries of analog and digital clocks. It’s About Time uses a series of investigations not only to build an understanding ... more
 Kindergarten 2-D Geometry
14 activities104 pages Take Kindergartners on the wonderful journey of exploring two-dimensional shapes squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, pentagons, and hexagons. They will analyze, compare, create and compose these shapes. Along with th... more
 Popping with Power (3-5)
Grades 3-5 30 activities – 300 pages Every day students make countless informal observations about how the physical world operates. Popping with Power builds on those experiences by drawing more focused attention to some of the central ide... more
 Primarily Bears (K-6)
Grades K-6 29 activities - 90 pages Colorful Teddy Bears introduce students to a variety of math concepts in a simple, gentle manner.Topics include logic, permutations and arrangements, probability and statistics, patterning, measurement, and g... more
 Sensational Springtime (K-2)
Grades K-2 24 activities - 142 pages Engage students in planting seeds, flying kites, exploring the attributes of eggs, and much more with these spring-related math and science investigations. Five sections include Sowing and Growing, Parents a... more
 Shapes, Solids and More: Concepts in Geometry (2-3)
Grades 2-3 55 activities—424 pages Shapes, Solids, and More is a comprehensive supplement for second- and third-grade geometry. Engaging learning techniques are used to boost children’s understanding and ability to identify everythin... more
 Solve It!   Package (5 Books)
Get all 5 Solve It! Problem Solving Books in one fell swoop! Solve It! Grade Options: K-1 (19 activities - 167 pages) | Preview 2nd Grade (28 activities - 177 pages) | Preview 3rd Grade (29 activities - 216 pages) | Preview 4th Grade (... more
 Solve It!  K-1: Problem-Solving Strategies
Grades K-1 29 activities - 192 pages Introduce young learners to effective problem-solving strategies through numerous hands-on, playful investigations. From placing vegetables in Mr. McGregors garden to using goldfish crackers to act out story ... more
 Solve It! 2nd: Problem-Solving Strategies
Grade 2 28 activities177 pages Solve It! 2nd: Problem-Solving Strategies further develops students problem-solving abilities by identifying and reinforcing nine effective techniques through creative hands-on investigations. A storyboard with lil... more
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