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Activity Books

Improve your students' understanding and retention with engaging hands-on activities!

  • Activity books provide a variety of independent activities to introduce, develop, and reinforce the main concepts. Most of the materials you need are already in your classroom or readily available.
  • Essential Math books provide sequenced activities along with video and animation to achieve rich conceptual development.  
  • Literature Links pair engaging math and science activities with children's literature books.(literature books not included)

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 A Drop Around the World
Digital download
Grades 4-6 7 activities 50 pages; This package guides you in using A Drop Around the World (by Barbara Shaw McKinney) and seven AIMS activities to explore water cycles, conservation and contamination. The activities included in this package a... more
 Actions with Fractions (4-6)
Grades 4-6 9 sections - 187 pages It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Action With Fractions to the rescue! This book takes the confusion out of working with fractions and provides students with a solid understanding of these important mathematical n... more
 Amazing Circle, The (5-9)
Grades 5-9 22 explorations - 88 pages A paper white circle becomes the star attraction as students manipulate its shape and analyze the results in the 22 sequential explorations found in The Amazing Circle. This hands-on physical approach of stu... more
 Area Formulas for Parallelograms, Triangles, & Trapezoids (6-8)
Digital download
Grades 6-8: Geometry 15-day unit - 80 pages Area Formulas for Parallelograms, Triangles, and Trapezoids is part of the AIMS Essential Math Series that uses real-world investigations, comics, and animation to engage students and help them ... more
 Awesome Addition and Super Subtraction (2-3)
Grades 2-3 31 activities—192 pages The early primary grades are the ideal time to develop a solid understanding of place value and number systems in early learners, and Awesome Addition and Super Subtraction will do just that. Students wil... more
 Bear Shadow
Digital download
Grades 1-3 4 activities - 25 pages; This package guides you in using Bear Shadow (by Frank Asch) and four AIMS activities to explore the concepts of light and shadows. The activities included in this package are: Shadow Makers Shadow Shows ... more
 Blockout Book (1-5)
Grades 3-5 128 cards57 pages This is a book of playful, intelligent practice that creates a positive attitude toward mathematics. Students will feel pride in their work as they successfully decode a grid of numbers in order to meet the goal of blo... more
 Bread Comes to Life
Digital download
Grades 1-2; 4 activities - 14 pages; This package guides you in using Bread Comes to Life (by George Levinson) and four AIMS activities to explore making and value of bread. The activities included in this package are: Bread Trails Food Han... more
 Budding Botanist, The  (3-6)
Grades 3-6 26 activities – 122 pages Plants are the basis for life on Earth. The Budding Botanist will help students develop an understanding of how plants are essential to the survival of humans and animals as well as gain an appreciation... more
 Chemistry Matters (5-7)
Grades 5-7 26 activities – 260 pages Matter and its properties come alive in this activity-packed book that will have students excited about learning. Students will use everyday items to see reactions that are counter to what they’ll... more
 Circumference and Area of Circles (5-7)
Digital download
Grades 5-7: Geometry 9 day unit - 64 pages Students explore the relationships of a circle’s diameter to its circumference and of its radius squared to its area. They encounter the number pi and discover the role it plays in thes... more
 Concerning Critters: Adaptations & Interdependence (3-5)
Grades 3-5 32 activities—296 pages The study of animals is highly interesting and motivating to elementary students. They love to learn about the unique ways critters eat, sleep, defend themselves, and more. This book offers hands-on activ... more
 Concerning Critters: Observations & Classifications (3-5)
Grades 3-5 41 activities—336 pages Have fun exploring classification, characteristics, observations, traits and behaviors, and life cycles! Compare and contrast butterflies and moths;  observe earthworms, goldfish, and pill bugs; mode... more
 Counting On Coins (1-2)
Grades 1-2 28 activities – 141 pages Understanding and handling money properly is an essential life skill. Young learners are exposed to money usage daily and are excited to gain an understanding of how it works. Counting on Coins will pro... more
 Cucumber Soup
Digital download
Grades K-2; 7 activities - 32 pages; This package guides you in using Cucumber Soup (by Vickie Leigh Krudwig) and seven AIMS activities to explore the force and motion concepts of push and pull. The activities included in this package are: P... more
 Cycles of Knowing and Growing (1-3)
Grades 1-3 21 activities - 179 pages From caterpillars to butterflies, and day to night, our world is filled with cycles of change. Students observe and describe plant, animal, and Earth cycles to discover real-world patterns. more
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